Hemp Xtreme Relief Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Cream

Are you in pain?

We can help! Chronic pain has become a hindrance for over 100 million Americans. Being in pain can have a major impact on your overall quality of life. Chronic pain can take a serious toll on your outlook on life.  Six out of 10 people with chronic pain experience severe pain at least once daily. Less than half of these individuals will receive proper pain relief. We have developed our American hemp oil pain cream for people experiencing any kind of pain.  Our Hemp Pain Relief Cream can help anyone that is looking for relief.  This full spectrum pain cream uses Activated API-Hemp™ technology and extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. How it works.

The Hemp Full Spectrum Difference

There are thousands of different pain creams on the market and more and more hemp seed oil Full Spectrum products pop up everyday. So why should you try this product? While there are many differences the three main differences are stopping Matrix Melloproteinases (MMPs), using the “K channel™” within your cells and the purity and potency of our full spectrum extracted Full Spectrum Hemp oil. Without getting into heavy scientific vocabulary in simple terms we have worked with doctors and researchers to develop our hemp pain cream. We use a proprietary mixture of salts that safely and temporarily cause a response in the cell to deliver the compound directly where it needs to be. Once the compound of salts and our product are within the cell they stop the MMP’s completely. To learn more about what MMP’s are and how our American hemp seed oil product works within the cell click here. 

Customer Feedback

 I’ve applied it 3 times since I saw you last. My Soreness is completely gone in my shoulder, I’m able to move my neck from left to right, without it feeling so tight. I’m a believer! Thank you!   These Full Spectrum hemp oil products are way ahead of their time. It’s really crazy to think that there are products out there – like these, that actually work!” 

Rich, Park City, Utah