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We are now offering 25% commission for our affiliate program.

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Don’t just use our CBD products, share them through a CBD affiliate campaign and make some extra cash! 

What’s a CBD Affiliate Program?  

If you follow a blog, Instagram or YouTube channel, you’ve seen someone promote products. Sometimes they get sent beauty items to show on their channel and it’s rather subtle, other times they direct you to a link where you can buy the product they are paid to promote. However it happens, you’ve now interacted with an affiliate program.  

While some people find it worthwhile to promote things like teas or candies that aren’t backed by science, you’re the smart kind of customer who’s ready to share our products (developed with a biologist) with the world. It’s time to launch your very own CBD affiliate campaign.  

Why Are We Doing This?  

We see value in reviews and word of mouth. You don’t go on an online store and buy when the reviews are at a two star, and we see this program as the same thing. Through the entire history of our CBD store, we’ve simply wanted to make natural healing accessible to more people. We do what we can to spread word of mouth with a website like this, but the rest is up to our users.  

If you’re one who wants to shout your love for CBD from the mountaintops, we want to be in business with you.  

Join Now!  

Being part of our CBD affiliate program is easy. Fill out our online application above and you are on your way. We don’t require you to jump through hoops, prove yourself to be some kind of a sales person, or make your life harder in any way.  

Use Your Method 

We want your CBD affiliate campaign to be comfortable for you. Pick your channel, your list of customers, and go. Because there’s no cost required to start up your CBD affiliate program, there’s absolutely no loss on your end—just an extra post or two through your favorite place online.  

Earn the Big Bucks 

Promote us and you can earn up to 25% in commission. Market your program link any way you like and get paid for the sales you generate! Because this product is in such high demand right now, you’ll see the benefits adding up almost immediately. Don’t believe us? Give our CBD affiliate program a try. 

Reach Out Now 

We are committed to making our CBD affiliate program a snap for you to navigate. This is the best part of starting a CBD affiliate program with a smaller company, we’re here when you need us. You won’t have to raise a concern, fill out a form, and wait three days before we get back to you.  

We are constantly taking feedback and make changes that we find necessary.