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About Xtreme Relief

Xtreme Relief Pain Cream combines the beneficial effects of CBD with Dr. Steve Monroe’s ‘K’ Channel ® Technology to deliver benefits that are unmatched by any CBD-only or even any pharmaceutical product, with none of the side effects or downsides of pharmaceutical drugs.

The CBD in Xtreme Relief Pain Cream reduces pain and inflammation, and at 200 mg CBD per oz it is available at a much higher than other products you’ll find in the market. In addition, Xtreme Relief Pain Cream also includes ‘K’ Channel ® Technology ingredients developed by Dr. Monroe.

‘K’ Channel ® effectively doubles the reduction in inflammation, and it also does something else that virtually no other product–even pharmaceutical drugs–can do. It safely blocks the damaging effects of chronic conditions that degrade our tissues and joints. In Arthritis, this damage results in degraded painful joints. In Neuropathy, or any chronic nerve pain, this damage results in loss of the nerve’s protective coating, the myelin sheath. In bedsores or chronic wounds, this damage results in chronic, non-healing wounds.


How does CBD and K Channel work?

The “K channel™” is what separates our pain relief cream from the competitions; there’s nothing else quite like it. While CBD reduces pain and inflammation, our unique “K channel™” helps block the progressive tissue and joint damage caused by a group of enzymes called Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) that CBD alone can’t even touch. Left alone, these MMPs create havoc as they chew away at your joints and the protective coating on your nerves, exposing your nerves like a frayed electric cord. Even through you can’t feel these MMPs working, the long term effects are undeniable. This is how arthritis sufferers end up with no cartilage and bone-on-bone in their joints.

Reducing inflammation helps reduce the overall concentration of MMPs, but their very presence stimulates even more MMP production even without inflammation. So the
damage continues. “K channel™” can block these effects. Rubbing on Xtreme Relief Pain Cream provides the benefits of both CBD and “K channel™” . No other CBD cream out there can do that.
And given Xtreme Relief’s competitive price, why wouldn’t you do that.

The pain relief benefits of CBD are well known. It also offers calming, anti-anxiety benefits as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD offers beneficial effects in any products where it is included, but Xtreme Relief has additional benefits that address the damagingprogression found in virtually all chronic conditions. Natural and completely safe, Xtreme Relief  does what only the most expensive pharmaceutical drugs come close to doing, but ‘K’ Channel ® is completely safe and side-effect free.

The key point to remember is, at times, your body needs to clean up damaged tissue so new tissue can repair the damage. The enzymes needed to do this are doing an important job, but when these enzymes run out of control, as in cases of chronic inflammation,arthritis, or chronic pain, these enzymes run amok and do more damage than good.

In our joints, tendons, cartilage, and even bone are continually degraded by these enzymes until it leads to excruciating pain. Controlling the enzymes responsible, the Matrix Metalloproteinases, (MMPs), blocks the progression of these damaging effects and is something CBD alone cannot do. K Channel ® can and does block these damaging effects. Which is why Xtreme Relief offers significantly more impactful benefits than CBD products that are offered at twice the price.

Additional CBD products for resell

At Hemp Xtreme Relief we have set out a plan to help health care professionals grow their practice with products that can help their patients with pain and much more. Our pain relief cream was created by Dr. Steve Monroe, is currently patent-pending, and offers your patients fast-acting relief with our high CBD concentration pain cream. In addition to our CBD pain cream we offer a variety of award winning CBD products ranging from instant water soluble CBD to full spectrum capsules. To learn and view all of our products visit our product info page!

How does pricing work?

This entire site is built specifically for licensed health care professionals. We offer deeply discounted reseller pricing on all of our products line up. Depending on how much your practice would like to focus on CBD we offer full reseller kits to discounted individual products. If you would like to increase revenues online we also offer an online affiliate CBD reseller program here.