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Understanding Hemp Pain Relief & How it Works

Like most people, you’ve never actually considered the science behind the lotions and creams that line your bathroom shelves. All you know, and up to this point all you’ve needed to know, is that they work. However, when it comes to the time of your life where you considering alternatives to traditional pain relief, and you are considering using hemp into your daily routine, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of what your’e product is.

When you read the scholarly articles that state the research and facts in unfamiliar terms, things can get confusing. There’s no need to fear. Here’s a breakdown of everything you ever wanted to know about how hemp full spectrum pain relief cream is processed into your system, and why you shouldn’t hesitate to make this part of your daily life.


Why Hemp Xtreme Relief 400 mg Full Spectrum Pain Relief Cream?

CBD hemp seed oil cream for pain 400mg Full Spectrum by Hemp Xtreme ReliefThe research behind the hemp plant can be pretty daunting. This plant has only been considered legal in certain states during this past decade. Why would you want to rely on hemp pain relief cream when it hasn’t been proven to work for more than a couple of years? Shouldn’t more testing go into it?

Though the compounds haven’t quite found a place in modern history, their features have been studied and included in medications since before the year 1933. After finally being classified as legal for use, purified hemp oil is being researched extensively.

What We Know

As full spectrum hemp pain relief cream has been federally deemed legal, it’s our goal to bring customers pain relief with a safe, natural plant extract—no frills or added chemicals are necessary. The demand for organic, natural healing is at an all time high, and we hear you. We hope to take it a step further, and address the underlying causes, to stop the pain in its tracks, for good.

Though the research may be light at this point in time, the facts remain. Full spectrum hemp, especially being delivered in a full spectrum 400 mg hemp pain relief cream, is an exceptional anti-inflammatory. It’s effective in nociceptive (chronic tissue) pain and neuropathic (nervous system) pain.

Different types of pain—rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, cancer, and other neurological pain—require different levels of pain relief. Fortunately full spectrum hemp pain relief cream works across the board, without any risk of toxicity (something that cannot be promised in traditional opioids). This translates to safe over the counter (OTC) use.

What’s With the MMPs?

Matrix Melloproteinases (MMPs) are part of your regular tissue activities. When they’re regulated and functioning properly, these MMPs are a healthy part of your everyday bodily function. However, when the MMPs are out of control, these can be dangerous.

If you’re one of the 100+ million Americans who deal with chronic pain or chronic illness, you may already be familiar with the term. MMPs are famous because they: are present in the breakdown of collagen and bone in arthritis; allow the breakdown of nerve endings with chronic pain; breakdown skin when rashes are present; and breakdown tissue in diabetic wounds.

Starting in the Cell

Whether it’s life, illness or any other part of your body, it all starts in the cell. As incredible as they are, cells are understandably complex. Your cells are composed of many channels. The purpose of these channels is to open or close in response to stimuli. This is how when you eat something with Calcium or Potassium, the compound is driven through your body in the most effective way possible.

After testing several channels, it was determined that the hemp full spectrum pain relief cream only functions properly as it moves through the “K channel,” or the Potassium channel. The pain relief cream is mixed with a proprietary mixture of salts that safely and temporarily cause a response in these cells to accept the compound directly where it needs to be.

How Does the This Channel Help With MMPs?

The “K channel” is what separates our pain relief cream from the competition; there’s nothing else quite like it. Because this cream has been designed for absorption through the skin, it makes the cream more effective in controlling MMPs.

By moving through the “K channel,” the cream stops all MMPs temporarily. This means if you’re inflamed, have a rash or are simply uncomfortable, rubbing on the 400 mg full spectrum hemp pain relief cream allows a short-term reset.

This moment of relief allows the body to regulate, or stop, the production of new MMP enzymes. By doing so, without shutting down the MMPs entirely (which would be fatal), you’re allowing the body to function and fight regular infections without interruption—keeping your immune system as strong as ever.

Entirely Safe to Use

When you really start to break down the science of hemp full spectrum pain relief cream, it can get intimidating. You’re altering the way your body is functioning to a cellular level. However, in the year 2003, Dr. Stephen Monroe took over development of this technology, guiding it toward being an OTC treatment patent pending pain relief cream

Because there are no levels of toxicity, you don’t have to worry about how frequently you use it; meaning you can get pain relief any day, any time.

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