1. Does it work ? How Quickly will I feel results ?

Xtreme relief works very well. How quickly you will feel results depends on your condition. Some feel results within 15 minutes, others take longer. We’ve have one who felt relief fifteen minutes after application the day after an intensive workout. We had another who was playing tennis after four hours after not being able to raise his arm above his shoulder. We had a third who was able to button his clothes a week after starting daily applications, something he was unable to do for years.

2. How quickly/completely will it absorb ? will it be sticky?

It will completely absorb in a few minutes, and it will not be sticky. It will absorb like the best of the high end cosmetics.

3. What does it smell like? Will I smell like a locker room?

It has a very mild fresh botanical scent, nothing like a locker room or other analgesic creams.

4. How often should I use it ?

Everyone is different and you’ll have to find what best works for you. Initially you may want to use it several times a day, scaling back over time or using more as you need it.

5. Are there any side effects?

No, there are no negative side effects, though there may be some slight stinging on broken skin that will go away quickly.

6. Is this better than other products? Why?

We are biased, but we think this is the best product on the market both because its high level of Active Hemp Extract and because no one else has our ‘K’ Channel™ technology.

7. Is it legal?

Yes, it is legal. Hemp is defined as an agricultural product and like any agricultural plant extract, such as aloe, it is also legal.

8. Will it show up on drug tests ?

Drug Tests are designed to detect the psychoactive ingredient of Cannabis, THC, and its metabolite. Hemp, by law, can contain 0.3 % THC at most. The CBD in Hemp will not trigger the drug test.

9. What are the other ingredients?

The other ingredients in Xtreme Relief are normal cosmetic skin cream ingredients. We’ve selected the best ingredients, using Organic Certified ingredients where possible giving us an Organic Content over 75%. Starting with Organic Aloe extract and Shea Butter, the cream has an exceptional soothing, moisturizing base.

10. How much CBD is in it ?

We use 200 mg per oz of the Hemp Extract Active. This should be compared to the many other products in the market that contain anywhere from 15-50 mg in 2 or 4 oz jars. We believe we have one of the highest if not the highest levels of Hemp actives in any Hemp based cream product.