Health Care 4-Pack 400mg Hemp CBD Pain Relief Cream


: $476.00 ($238.00)



Take advantage of this opportunity to add additional revenue streams to your practice with our Doctor formulated hemp based CBD topicals that offer real pain relief.

Retail price of $476 marked down to $238 for licensed health care professionals. A deep discount to help increase practice revenues and relieve pain!

  • No toxicity  relief as frequently as you need it
  • No Side effects, unlike many prescription pharmaceuticals
  • 400 mg Active Hemp Extract – among highest currently in market
  • Faster, more effective absorption than oral full spectrum hemp
  • More cost effective than oral full spectrum hemp products
  • Classified for legal use in all 50 states
  • Blocks the damaging effects of the Chronic Pain Cycle

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has become a hindrance for over 100 million Americans. Six out of 10 of these patients experience breakthrough pain at least once daily. Less than half of them will receive proper pain relief. Even then, it’s only a pain reduction of 30 to 40%.

We need to do better.

Why Hemp Oil?

During this opioid epidemic, safe and effective care is our priority. Hemp oil can play a role here. With no indication of addiction and no danger of overdose, it’s the natural solution to pain.

Hemp oil based pain relief cream is intended for someone with generalized instead of systemic pain. Patients include those with: knee, back, shoulder, etc., pain (95% of chronic pain sufferers). The emphasis here is that when someone has a centralized injury, they need centralized treatment, not systemic solutions.

Direct application allows better absorption. Beyond that, hemp oil won’t make you feel “high”. Up to 70% of people with chronic pain are distracted by it. When using our product, the relief may sharpen your focus.

The Other Half

The miracle of hemp oil is only HALF our story. The second plant-derived product is intended to help control collagen destroying enzymes known as Matrix Melloproteinases (MMPs).

What are MMPs? These enzymes are your body’s demolition and cleanup crew. When you’re injured, MMPs are brought to the site in your body to break up collagen so that it can be removed and make way for new tissue.

MMPs are a critical part of your body when it comes to tissue repair and overall healing. But when they’re out of control they can be detrimental.

MMPs are responsible for:

* The breakdown of tissue in bedsores

* Teeth falling out due to gum disease

* Blood vessel proliferation in macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy

* Nerve pain in illnesses like MS

In patients with chronic pain, inflammation stimulates the production of MMPs, a self-reinforcing loop, causing ongoing tissue damage.

Two for One

When using our hemp oil pain cream, you not only benefit from the pain and inflammation relief that comes with hemp oil use, but you’ll also get some help at the root of your problem, the MMPs.

Dr. Stephen Monroe developed a wound dressing using this technology, and it was the only one to ever receive approval from Europe’s Regulatory Authorities. He continues to formulate the next generation, making our cream even better.

We call this natural product “K channel,” and it will control your MMPs while still allowing them to do their job.

It’s safe to use—so safe you could bathe in it. You can’t get these benefits with any other prescription or OTC drug.


To use our hemp oil pain cream, simply apply enough to cover the designated area. Use as needed—there is no level of toxicity. If you apply over broken skin, it will sting momentarily. The cream can be washed away with soap and water.

Safety tips:

* Keep away from contamination.

* Recap tightly after use.

* Don’t touch unused cream if you’ve touched broken skin.

* If contaminated, throw it away.

Warning: For External Use Only

Keep out of reach of children.

The primary active ingredients in our product are entirely safe. However, if you have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients, do not use our cream. Keep your tube stored in a cool, dark place (below 90 degrees).

Do not swallow or get the hemp oil pain relief cream around mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, etc.). If you get the product in your eyes, rinse it out. The cream will do you no harm.

Consult a doctor if:

* Your condition worsens.

* You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The FDA has not evaluated these statements.


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